Digital Forensics Services in Phoenix, Arizona

Digital Forensics is an extended branch of forensic science that identifies, recognizes, extracts and analyses data on different digital platforms to be used by the client for personal or legal purposes as evidence in Phoenix, Arizona. Coker Forensics experts are certified to handle data for digital forensics, analyse the servers to streamline, recover, analyse and investigate the data so that it can be used in later stages as evidence. Nowadays, there is a huge amount of big data available on the servers and huge IT subsystems are an essential part of all organizations. Due to this, an extremely technically efficient approach is required to prevent and manage digital frauds and data loss.

Since there is a marked digitization of businesses, and digital data has become a strategic intangible asset for invariably all businesses, Digital Forensics has gained heightened importance as there is always a looming threat of this data being lost due to technical issues, or being misused by disgruntled employees and competitors. The scope of Digital Forensics is not limited to only businesses and companies. It holds equal importance for personal devices which contain any kind of digital data. In case there is a need to recover data for clients that may be crucial in their divorce proceedings, our specialist help retrieve and restore such data for the client. It can also provide important evidence that supports a client’s child custody case.

Digital Forensics is a highly specialized field and forensic experts use advanced tools and techniques to extract and preserve the data in its most original form. Along with preserving data in its authentic form, Digital Forensics also helps reconstruct past events in a very detailed way, which is as close as possible to the original event that occured.

Forensic Specialist in Phoenix

When the tools and techniques of Digital Forensics are applied to collect and investigate data on computers and computing devices, they fall under the purview of Computer Forensics. With the help of computer forensics, our experts perform a number of data handling and investigative procedures like:

  • Investigation of unauthorized access on personal and work based computer systems. 
  • Theft of business or personal data from a computing device.
  • Investigation of cyber crimes. 
  • Detection and reporting of spy and malware softwares on a computing device. 
  • Recovery of deleted or lost data.
  • Acquisition of data from a computer.
  • Analysing and generating reports on modified digital data.
  •  Conducting investigation and analysis on incidents of computer hacking.
  • Recovery of data from crashed hard disks and CD ROMs.

Mobile Forensics Analyst in Phoenix, AZ

Mobile phones, be it Android phones, Iphones or Samsung phones, have become a part of personal and professional lives of everyone alike. Cell phones are no longer used for only text messages and making calls. Entire businesses are run these days on mobile phone applications. In such a scenario, Mobile Device Forensics performs the indispensable tasks  of

  • Cell phone data recovery.
  • Recovery of deleted photographs and videos.
  • Retrieving lost audio and video files.
  • Tracking the location.
  • Providing information on incoming and outgoing calls from the mobile.
  • Recovery of text messages as well as MMSs.
  • Getting the calendar information from a cell phone.