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Computer Forensics, also popularly known as Cyber Forensics is the branch of Digital Forensics that deals in frauds related to computers, computing devices, online frauds and cyber offenses. It covers the recovery and study of digital evidence from hard discs, computers, laptops, USB drives, networks, servers and other storage media. In general parlance, we can say that Computer Forensics involves investigation of any digital device that has a computing ability and some basic storage capacity.

 A computer or a computing device may have been used to commit a crime like hacking, cyber stalking etc. The device may also have been used to store evidence in the form of documents, emails, browsing history, metadata etc. The job of a computer forensics expert is to extract this existing and deleted data from the computing device and generate evidence that can be later used for legal purposes or otherwise.

The application of the tools and techniques of Digital Forensics to retrieve data from cell phones is known as Mobile Device Forensics. Mobile phones may have crucial data in the form of audio files, video files, emails, photographs, text messages, MMSs, contacts, calendar information etc. This data may have been lost due to technical failure, theft or manhandling. Recovery of such data is of grave importance in cases of child custody, divorce, frauds, forgeries and data theft. Mobile Device Forensics helps in the recovery of such data and its preservation and analyses for future use.


The process of Digital Forensics follows the below mentioned steps:

The steps involved in Digital Forensics are as mentioned in the chart. Firstly, the purpose of conducting the investigation is established so that the investigation can be given a purpose and direction. The resources that would be required to conduct such an investigation are also identified. Next, the data is extracted from the digital devices and is separated, secured and preserved so that there are no changes made to the original evidence. After that, the data is processed and the results of these analyses are interpreted. Then the documentation of the crime scene is completed. Lastly, a summary of events is drawn and the interpretation is used to draw conclusions.

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