Digital Forensics Experts in New York City

Digital Forensics helps you sort huge amounts of data to give you precise and relevant evidence. Computer forensics and cell phone forensics examine digital evidence for various forms of cybercrimes and make use of cutting edge android forensics and IPhone forensics services. Coker Forensics Experts are certified in handling computer forensic services recover data and analyse evidence through Imaging, data recovery and Analysis, E-Discovery and Forensic analysis.

Computer forensics and digital data recovery can provide answers to some key questions related to digital data handling.

Server forensics and GPS forensics can tell you if an electronic document was altered, some illegal material was downloaded, crucial information was emailed to your competitors, or your children are being manhandled by cyber bullies.

Digital forensic experts can also help you with crucial documents and precious photographs locked on the phone of a deceased person. Computer data recovery can help you recover accidentally deleted information and can even help you with a hard drive that stopped functioning out of the blue.

A prime feature of computer forensics is that digital forensics experts can extract even hidden or deleted data and analyse it for crucial evidence. Advanced techniques can help experts use GPS forensics to find digital fingerprints to trace the movement of a suspect and find out the locations he visited, his activities and the people he got in touch with. This can be especially useful in solving mysteries.

The scope of Cell phone forensics is way beyond only providing information regarding time and duration of a call from a particular number. It can go further to provide information as to the location of the cell phone tower that handled text message, data and calls from a number. It helps with data recovery, such as web browsing data and data recovery for text messages for Iphones, Androids and Samsung.

Cell phone evidence can provide enhanced data on call history, emails, pictures, videos, voice mails, audio files, calendar information and browsing history for a mobile device. You can find out the geographical location of a phone through Phone forensics.

Most of the time, the data and evidence thus collected can be legally presented in the court of law as a report or disposition. E-Discovery of data helps in finding, extracting, analysing and documenting the data collected which can be later used for civil and criminal investigation or for compliance purposes. The data is acquired and processed in a high quality manner through various mediums like mobile, computer as well as cloud data. This data is handled by our technical experts who do not let any crucial evidence slip through their fingers and ensure complete analysis and generate authentic evidence for further use.

Coker Forensics aim to provide their clients with legally acceptable, accurate and detailed data in digital and computer forensics such that it creates secure and trusted results for end users. The professionals are certified who have multiple years of experience. Contact Coker Forensics for answers to your questions or for a free case evaluation.