Divorce & Custody Digital Forensics Services

Attorneys advise that such examinations employ the most competent, technically-adept digital forensic services available, such as those offered by Coker Forensic Services to uncover relevant information that an adversarial party may attempt to hide or delete.

ESI in Matrimonial Cases Electronically Stored Information (ESI) is increasingly a focal point in forensic investigations such as divorce or child custody. Discovered evidence is used to support or counter each party’s legal claims regarding items such as income, inappropriate online activity and child/spouse abuse or neglect.
When employing a digital forensics service in such disputes, consider their technical qualifications and case background. Coker Forensic Services has extensive experience in both civil and criminal forensic investigations in which we apply only the highest standards of professionalism, objectivity, technical skill and legal protocols.

Divorces and custody battles are often triggered by the actions of at least one of the individuals in a relationship. Those activities, the actor’s discussion of those activities, and any images or video documenting these activities may prove the concerns at the heart of the hearing or divorce. Identifying and preserving such evidence is critical to proving the point.

Objective Evidence Gathering and Analysis Divorce or child custody cases are emotionally wrenching, making it difficult to maintain an unbiased view of your adversary and their behavior. In digital forensic examinations, however, objectivity is paramount. Evidence obtained without following strict legal protocols including evidence authenticity, integrity and chain-of-custody is worthless if it is thrown out of court.

Coker Forensic Services is trained in all aspects of evidence management, preservation and unbiased analysis to ensure that any evidence is challenge-proof in court. We back up our findings, as needed, with professional testimony in depositions or court proceedings. We can also assist in evaluating the admissibility of ESI counter-evidence presented by your adversary.

An Essential Member of Your Legal Team, Coker Forensic Services, frequently works closely with attorneys in civil and criminal matters. We understand the legal and ethical issues involved in uncovering case-pertinent information. Furthermore, our knowledge of sophisticated techniques to discover information in all recesses of devices and storage media, even when it has been intentionally hidden or tampered with, makes us an invaluable contributor to your legal team.

Safeguarding Your Own Privacy Divorce and child custody cases are some of the most emotionally-challenging experiences anyone can have. Sometimes, the participants are driven to take inappropriate or even illegal actions out of spite or fear including hacking or tampering with their opponent’s computers or mobile devices.

If you suspect such tampering, which may appear as spyware, slow operations, delayed keystrokes, changes in your browser home page, browser redirects, unconnected pop-ups and so on, call us to examine these devices for the possibility that your privacy may have been compromised.

Call Today for Forensic Assistance with Your Divorce or Custody Case, Coker Forensic Services, features substantial investments in state-of-the-art facilities, training and certification in the use of cutting-edge forensic tools and technologies.