Computer Forensics Discovery

Coker Forensics offers all-inclusive computer forensics services in Birmingham, AL & Mobile, AL. With years of experience and the best experts in the industry, we make sure our customers have all the necessary evidence to help them build their cases and to always end up on the winning side.

We understand the needs of our customers and tailor our work process around their preferences and budget. Coker Forensics always delivers when it comes to comprehensive investigative, analytical and defensible examination results. We get our clients what they need to prove their case.

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​With Coker Forensics, you can rest assured that you case is handled by the most experienced and qualified digital investigations and computer forensics experts in Birmingham, AL & Mobile, Alabama. We take individual approach for every case after conducting a thorough research. Coker Forensics experts will make sure all data is preserved and that its authenticity and integrity is fully maintained.

Computer Forensic Services 

  • Forensic imaging and collection of digital evidence
  • Enterprise collections
  • Discreet network collections and “black-bag” collections
  • Cell phone, Blackberry and iPhone forensics
  • Recovering deleted files, metadata and artifacts
  • Searching internet activity and company network activity
  • Copying/downloading/removing company files
  • Identifying programs used by persons of interest
  • Locating accessed files

The cases we have worked on include, but are not limited to sexual harassment, white-collar crime, theft of trade secrets, pornography, class action lawsuits, family law, business and commercial litigation. We have unmatched record of success in assisting in civil litigations and criminal investigations through providing quality computer forensics solutions.

Coker Forensics delivers the most complete and trustworthy electronic discovery, forensic analysis, litigation support, advisory, and consultation services in Alabama. We have been in the industry long enough to know how to get our customers the most out of the provided devices. We present all technical discoveries in a detailed and easy to understand format to bring clarity to even the most complex cases.

​With technology becoming bigger part of our lives every day, the more and more cases call for computer forensics and digital evidence analysis. Having a quality computer forensics team in your corner can make or break your case.

Call Coker Forensics today and one of our experts will help you make a well informed decision regarding your computer forensics needs and help you come up with the best available solution for your case.