Digital Forensic Services in Columbus, Ohio

Digital Forensics can be understood as the scientific process of digging out information from digital sources so that this information can be restored and preserved to be used later in the court of law or otherwise. The scope of Digital Forensics can extend to both cyber as well as physical frauds and crimes. This is due to the amount and variety of data available held on personally and professionally used devices. Digital Forensics has a lot of scope in Columbus, Ohio. The elementary use of Digital Forensics is on the hardware that has been seized.

Different kinds of digital devices such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, laptops, smart watches, cameras, fitness trackers etc, all have digital data stored on them. All these devices contain serial numbers, IP addresses, as well as location data. Along with digital devices, there is data on cloud, servers and networks as well. All these devices and networks are connected with other devices and networks. Like, a smart watch may be connected to a cell phone, which in turn may be connected to a laptop. Digital Forensics experts interrogate these connections to bring to light illicit activity or manhandling of data on business and personal devices.

A digital device may also be audited to extract information like prior domestic disturbances, extramarital affairs, violent behaviour, financial problems etc. Information extracted from social media posts, instant messaging applications, phone messages etc. give a background to the incident and help build the scene as to what may have actually happened. The digital evidence thus collected from these sources, brings richness and strengthens the case for the client by greatly reinforcing any physical and testimonial evidence presented.

Digital Forensics in Columbus, Ohio

Digital Forensics finds a lot of scope and application in computers and computing devices. This branch of Digital Forensics which deals in such cases is called Computer Forensics. Computer Forensics gives utmost priority to data integrity. Let’s take the case of hard drives. When Computer Forensics experts scan hard drives, they lock all files to read-only. They do this so that the evidence does not get modified. In case the evidence gets modified, it won’t be accepted for legal purposes. This process of preserving the data through locking the files is called data carving, in which a disk is cloned to preserve the evidence in its original form.

The tools and techniques of Computer Forensics are of immense use when data has to be extracted from computing or storage that have gone corrupt or have crashed suddenly. In case some critical information has been passed on to the competitors by an employee, in such a case also, Computer Forensics helps analyse the damages and trace the culprits.

Mobile Device Forensics in Columbus, Ohio

Mobile Device Forensics is the extension of Digital Forensics to IPhones, Android phones and Samsung phones. Since phones contain a lot of personal and professional data for people these days, there is often a need to recover this data which may have been lost due to manhandling, crashing of the phone, theft etc.

Let’s say, some crucial information has to be recovered from the mobile phone of a deceased, in such a case, Mobile Device Forensics helps recover such data which may be in the form of photographs, videos, audio files, contacts, calendar information, emails, text messages, MMSs etc. It also helps track the GPS location and the incoming and outgoing calls made from a mobile phone. All this information may form crucial evidence in cases pertaining to divorce and child custody.

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