Computer Forensics Specialist in Chicago Illinois

Computer Forensics is a method of performing structured investigation with the use of analytical techniques to collect and preserve evidence and maintain a documented chain of evidence from a specific computing device to draw a detailed inference about what specifically happened on a computing device and the person responsible for the event. The terms Cyber Forensics and Server Forensics are also often used as a replacement for computer forensics.

 Our experts collect data in a manner that its integrity is maintained. After this, the investigators conduct a detailed analysis on the data as well as the computing device to find out if changes were made to it. If they find any changes, they investigate further to analyse what changes were made and who made them. Computer data recovery is another crucial use of computer forensics and is used to conduct data recovery processes for collecting data from failed drive, crashed server, reformatted operating system or such similar situations where the device stopped working all of a sudden.

Digital Forensics Services in Chicago

Digital forensics started as a branch of forensic science that originally included only computers, that too mainly personal computers. It can be broadly understood as the application of computer science and forensic and investigative methods to analyse digital data and evidence. Over the last two decades, people have connected their home as well as business computers through small networks that are local, finally getting connected through the largest available network, the internet. With this, the term computer forensics, which was earlier used for the discipline, became inefficient to describe the entire scope of the field. Thus, certified forensics experts who began practicing not only computer based forensics started using the term digital forensics.

 Today, Digital Forensics has expanded its scope in the city of Chicago, Illinois and beyond, to include several areas such as data recovery, security breaches, server forensics, GPS forensics, data theft etc. Since computer processing is now being used in several other devices such as automobiles, GPS, cell phones, truck black boxes, copy and fax machines, answering machines etc., the scope of Digital Forensics has reached out to multiple devices that hold data in digital form. Coker Forensics experts use several types of tools and techniques to analyse different kinds of computer, mobile and cloud based frauds, and digital intrusions.

 Digital Forensics can primarily be divided into two fields, Host Based Forensics and Network Forensics.

Host Based Forensics: Host based Forensics is deals in procurement and analysis of digital data and evidence that is collected from individual and personal computer systems.

 Network Forensics: Network Forensics makes use of the captured network traffic to procure evidence for further analysis and inference generation.

Mobile Device Forensics in Chicago, IL

 Mobile Device Forensics is a branch of Digital Forensics that conducts investigations to gather digital evidence from mobile devices. It is used not only for digital investigations, but also for cell phone recovery. In case crucial information is lost from an iPhone, Android phone or a Samsung phone, cell phone forensics is used to recover such data. Through this, not only photographs and videos but files and text messages can also be recovered.

 Audio files, voice mails, call history, browsing history and GPS location etc can also be recovered through mobile forensics. This comes particularly handy in cases of divorce and child custody. Our Certified forensics experts who have an expertise in mobile forensics, analyse this data to provide important information to the client that would have been otherwise lost from the mobile device.

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