Digital Forensic in Charlotte, North Carolina

Broadly defining, Digital Forensics is the amalgamation of computer science and tools and techniques of investigation. This involves examining the extracted digital evidence by making use of an appropriate search authority which examines a particular chain of custody and validates it with mathematics. Digital Forensics is widely used in Charlotte, North Carolina. The entire process uses certified tools, reporting, repeatability and in some cases, expert testimony as well. The extracted data is identified, collected, examined, and analysed using the principles of Digital Forensics. Special care is taken that the integrity of the information is preserved as such and the chain of custody for the data is strictly maintained.

The process of Digital Forensics aims at reporting evidence that has been acquired, preserved and analysed in a scientific way so that the evidence comes out to be accurate, repeatable and reliable enough to be used for judicial proceedings as and when required. A Digital Forensics Investigator plays a key role in this entire process. It is important that the investigator has a strong desire to handle the evidence and solve the case.

Suppose there is a situation where an organization faces a security breach and loses crucial data. In such a situation, the Digital Forensics Investigator plays the primary part of determining the process through which the attackers got access to the company’s network, the point where they managed to traverse the network, analyse what the did to the network and also find out if they only took information from the network or planted some malware as well. The certified digital forensics investigator’s task does not end there. He also has to recover the lost data which might be in the form of photos, emails and documents which were stored on the hard drive of the system as well as other storage devices like flash and zip drives and were damaged, deleted or manipulated.

Computer Forensics in Charlotte, NC

Digital Forensics is a huge field and finds its use in various platforms like servers, networks, computing devices, mobile devices, databases, emails etc. broadly categorizing, Digital Forensics can be understood as Computer Forensics and Mobile Device Forensics. The branch of digital forensics that investigates cases pertaining to computers or computing devices is known as Computer Forensics.

If data has been manhandled on a computer or a digital device that has a computing device to it, like fax and copy machines, answering machines, truck black box GPS units and automobiles, or a malware has been installed in them to corrupt their system, Computer Forensics is used to identify, recover, analyse and reserve such data for the client.

Charlotte Mobile Device Forensics Experts

 Cell phones are a household thing in the present times. They are used for private as well as business purposes rampantly. In a lot of cases, they are even taking over the roles of computers and are being used to run businesses and handle social media networks. Critical information is often stored on an Iphone, Android phone or a Samsung phone in the form of audio video files, text messages, MMSs, photographs, calendar information, notes, emails, contacts etc.

mobile forensics

In case a mobile device gets corrupted or crashes suddenly or is lost, Mobile Device forensics can help recover such data for the client. Cell Phone Forensics is also used to get the GPS location of a phone and to get the details of the incoming and outgoing calls from a mobile device. All this information is of great use in case a disgruntled employee of a company has leaked some information about the company to a competitor or if someone is fighting a case for divorce or child custody.

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